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Stories I've written

A Man Called Corpse

There was no accident. Those things did it and they'll do it again. Even now I can still hear those scratchy little voices saying, "Meat. Meat..."

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

I think I'll start with the alarm. It was a loud and ugly electronic sound. At first, I thought it was part of a dream brought on by the pain or the morphine. But once I had fully awoken, I realized I was alone in the infirmary of the cruise ship...

The Man That Ate Newborns

Don't squirm so much my wee one. Don't struggle...

The Night Blogger: They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be

Simon Wegman's hobby was Geocaching. For those of you that spend all your time indoors reading blogs, Geocaching works like this: someone puts a logbook and maybe a few trinkets into a small container and leaves that container in a secluded spot, usually in the wilderness...

Stories I've Shared

The Black Stone by Robert E Howard

I read of it first in the strange book of Von Junzt, the German eccentric who lived so curiously and died in such grisly and mysterious fashion...

The Chicken Heart by Arch Obler

Arch Obler's classic episode of 'Lights Out'

The New Mother by Lucy Lane Clifford

The children were always called Blue-Eyes and the Turkey, and they came by the names in this manner...